TitleApplication for International Students: Fall 2017 &Spring 2018


The Graduate Institute of Political Science (GIPS) has stopped enrolling new students both in M.A. program and Ph.D. program since 2015-2016 academic year. Therefore student who is interested in political sciences, economics or regional studies for East Asian are advised to apply for the Politics and Economics track of
Department of East Asian Studies (DEAS).


Following please find some links for Admission Information and Degree Programs of Department of East Asian Studies (DEAS):


1. Admission Information for DEAS, Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

Application Date:
Fall-term 2017
Due on 2017.03.15
Spring-term 2018: Due on 2017.10.31

For any further latest application information, please contact Office of International Affairs, NTNUEnglish


2. Degree Programs of Department of East Asian Studies (DEAS)


File download CH-Admission_2017-2018 Adobe PDF
EN-Admission_2017-2018 Adobe PDF
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